Paloma - Second
Paloma - Second
Paloma - Second
Paloma - Second

Paloma - Second

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Oops! Lucky for you we make a lot of mistakes.

With the fragile nature of ceramics sometimes they don't come out exactly how we would like. Shop a second if you're not bothered by small imperfections and love a good deal. 

Our Paloma Second Sale will be 60% off! I have been hoarding seconds for over a year and it would be nearly impossible to photograph each one. We have tried to simplify this process by uploading the most common mistakes to give you a sense of the issue.  We would never send out something that still wasn't UL listed + safety certified. 

Imperfections to expect on these pieces are blemishes and hairline cracks. 

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"Beautiful lamp, well-packed, good quality"


"This light is designed beautifully, and I can't wait to install it. It is really well made."


"Love the sconce! Very delicate work (not in a breakable kind of way)."


"Beautiful quality and is a total upgrade in my walk in closet. Will definitely buy again for future projects."


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